Reviews for "Bozophilia"


loved it,cool shit,i love you but i didnt really get this piece,regardless
it was good,lovin how you throw the romance in to every bit,considering im such a pussy lol
keep it up dude,ur the man

uniqe and intresting

i find that this piece has a emotional rollercoaster effect. it starts low then goes high then very low and then subtly high. its a bit depressing but hey i go for that kind of stuff. good animation and good color schemes.

wow, wierd

that was so damn wierd but i guess i kinda got the story. nice work is guess. too slow paced though. i liked how the only that was colored was the nose. good job


i liked the part when he made the kids nose bleed but it was a bit long still it was kinda good

It was interesting

I liked how the whole movie was black and white except for the clown's nose. It gave it a Schindler's List sort of feel.