Reviews for "Castlevania: Wicked Child"

sick man

that was sick... the only thing i thought u could hav made better is add some shading to the dude... the background had shading but the dude didnt lol... otherwise it was awesome


Good Work! I loved it. Everything was very in sync with the very catchy tune. I like the style, I can tell you played around with a few ideas. One thing that bothers me is, you have all this talent and style, but it was poorly displayed. Don't get me wrong, everything looked great... but as a perfectionist, I like fine detailed lines. The clumpy imperfect lines flash makes look crude and out of proportion… especially when they are so thick. It's not so bad with skinny lines, but thick lines just take away from potential detail in the figures. Work on it, improved your style, because you've got definite potential.

2nd zombie

please tell me how to kill the second zombie, I cant fkn doo that.


Rhichter would NOT get freaked over fleamen unless he was a really low level,but good graphics and song.


lol that was awesome especially loved the guiatr players u did an awesome job