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Reviews for "Firehawk (2010 Remix)"


This is the type of music ive been looking for, changing main rhythm constantly and good use of kick 10/10

Really, really good!

I don't normally comment on audio, but this was great so I decided to. :) A great overall piece, with a good thumping background, great lead also. Nice break in middle, too. Just like bboyflash, it makes u wanna wave your hands! Awesome, but it would be nice if you could eliminate the emptiness at the end (just a minor detail). This was the first song I have heard of you, and I expect more greatness! :D


NICE WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This song is awesome. I TOTALLY recommend this song. You might like it if you like sync, or abrupt endings


Nice flow. I don't have any problem with the ending, too.

No Comparison. SUCH A Good TUNE! T_T =D


How come I can't get this song out of my HEAD!?

Maybe because it's been looping in my WinAmp player some over 50 times since I first downloaded it yesterday after overcoming The Armor Mayhem much thanks to this SUPER tune! =D

This groove is a FLOOR FIRE feel to it and truly is a unique bit of amazingness!

Keep up the fine work m8! =3

Excellent website, excellent song, excellent game to have it in, excellent life! =D

Stay Awesome and stay YOU! =D

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