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Reviews for "My Destination"


Work for an American VG Company?!! That's amazing!
Yeah 0:55 sounds like Sonic The Hedgehog (XBOX-PS3).

Love it

I could imagine this as the opening to some epic futuristic game

"The year is 2129, Earth and most of its neighbouring planets have fallen to a parasitic race that seems set on not only consuming the Solar System, but all of the human colonies and eventually the entire galaxy. This race with every planet it consumes, becomes faster, stronger and more of a universal threat. For every human it comes into contact with it turns them into a walking infection.

Your name is Aries Young. You are the only soldier who survived the attack on Isora. You have came into direct contact with the parasite yet seem unaffected. This means you may be our only hope to stop this coming storm. We will be landing you on Hades Prime. A planet that is, as we speak under attack from the Parasite. Our forces are beginning to crumble. We need to you help them out in any way you can. Good luck, and God speed" - End Transmission -

(Camera Pans up to the characters eye line) - Cuts to black)



so i sat and listened to the song for like and hour and i was like "wow this is rly good" and then i saw u made it and i was like "oh well that explains ever thing"

F*** A man

What else better than Sonic's own theme music. 10/10


I really liked this. I already have this downloaded and favorited. I love the guitar and strings mixed in to give it a dark feeling. Overall, the effect is amazing. I love it!