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Reviews for "My Destination"


best music heard in my ears:[]

His World sucks when compared to this.

Yes, really, you should contact SEGA and share this music, His World is good, but this is better, one of my favorite songs.
6 entries, hmm, you need to do some advertisement. Chaoz Airflow got in 18 entries, and this is par to Chaoz Airflow.
I suggest, next you can work on Classical, and take your time, don't make it too long(5minutes, no), like about 4 minutes is OK. PLEASE MAKE IT ORIGINAL. Do it like a fugue, with a tone at the middle, and other instruments interlacing it, and you got a masterpiece. You can take one year to make that, Chaoz Fantasy took one year too, it didn't care, all it cares is your music is good or not.


nice song! nuff said.

dude this is the best version on NG iv heard

i like how it builds up and adds more instruments to get to the chrous which is the best bit it gives a mysterious feeling and i love it! nice work

If there's an epitome of badass, this is it!

First game I heard this on was Vital Bloodshed, and the guy couldn't have picked a better song. I can see why they call it the Facemelter genre, and I agree.

Free ten and five. Any chance you could look at some of my stuff?