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Reviews for "My Destination"

I missed you...

And so did all of Newgrounds. This song brings back a lot of memories of Sonic, mainly from my childhood in the 90's, when Sega produced its own consoles, like the Genesis and the Saturn. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Things have been pretty crazy, and this is exactly what I need.

I would love to hear more nostalgic songs.


ZOMG! I am so glad you are back!

Once again a fast paced battle theme that goes on the top of my MP3 player list! Hope to see more of your stuff sooner! A 5-6 month break away from your sexiness almost killed meh!


I normally write detailed reviews but this pwns so hard I don't need to. . Everything was spot on! Ledge! :D :D Faved!


another great tune NemesisTheory. i love it the guitar is absoolutly brilliant. what games have you wrote music in the xbox arcade for and i can check them out to hear what else you've made? all your songs also have a point in it where it just plays violin and i love that the most about your songs, you also have like some of the best effects. keep it up and i cant wait till you get famous (cause you definetly will!)

+360 ^^

Nothing to say, excellent work as usual ! (Ending... <3)
Hope to play a video game with your music one day !