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Reviews for "My Destination"


....I love you....


you NEVER cease to amaze me. Well done as always.

My god!

This is amazing! If this wound up in a game, the part in play would be amazing. I don't care if the gameplay was "Flip enough hamburger patties and please enough customers to win" or "Run around in circles enough times to justify earning this important item". With this song playing in the background, it would be epic. This song wins, and thus, you win sir Nemesis Theory.

Also, this might be the best remix I've heard of this song yet, though it's tough to decide between this and the Zebrahead remake (though I suppose that's not a remix).


Not bad

Pretty darn skippy good. I give it an 8 of 10 because the song gets rather repetitive after a while. Despite this, I must give respect where respect is due. Good job, gal!

Ah, memories of Sonic

love it, love it!