Reviews for "rS Tower Defence VER3"

I Agree With The Review Below

I started letting through 1 dot each time at level 65, and Died at level 71. That has to be the peak 70-75.

Great Game!

Simple enough.. yet easy to play.. i got to 66 T.T


I just cant get 15000 to get the second upgrade on the Flower Tower
What tactics did the creator use to get to 90?


Fun, love the old school look, LVL 10393.. dont ask me how.. BUT if u hold the spacebar long enough u can be screwed xD jsut build 1 storm tower, then hold space bar till all creeps die and then u will level up so fast its funny! i couldnt even hurt the 10000 lvl xD

This is

the best tower defence game : ) . BTW: 74 wave :)