Reviews for "rS Tower Defence VER3"


I have one problem with this and that is that you think you killed one but ITS NOT REALLY DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good game!

its quite good up until now. how about you add more maps and a pause button? i dont want to brush down your work, but that would be a good improvment... and pls fix the earth/flower/living/whatever(the green) tower... we get way less than its promised, only on the max lvl it gets f***ing strong. the gap between the second last and the last lvl is way too big...

And yet to say it again: its a good game^^


Reached wave 72 with a mix of water and flower towers. But there's something wrong when upgrading flower towers: the promised stats of an upgrade (except the last one) are equal in damage to the water tower but higher then what you really get. Perhaps you can make them a bit cheaper then water towers to compensate that. Thx :)

OMG! :o

does this remind any1 of beseiged?
Hover the tower over x to cancel, creatures turning invisible when they die...
Other then that, you could make it neater, and maybe background? :)

ace man

that is a really great game though you should improve by makin the towers strongerbut keep up the good work:)