Reviews for "rS Tower Defence VER3"

This is

the best tower defence game : ) . BTW: 74 wave :)

lvl 94

idk if thats good or not but i think i did rather well, i cant decide if the flower tower or the fully upgraded nature tower is better if u could plz respond to me on that one, great game hope u make even better ones in the future.


always play this td hold space after the 1st wave and it sends loads in a bunch (overlapped) ^^ just found that out, took me a while yeah but its cool, got to lvl 53 once just not ckilled enough, Note to self: Must try harder. good game.


Got to lvl 81 and it just got way too hard. the flower tower should cost less, or one of the other towers should have better upgrades. Other than that, great game.


NEED pause button and the ghost dots (that happen when you nearly kill the dots) are really really annoying everything else is good maybe stonger towers i only got to wave 58 or so.