Reviews for "rS Tower Defence VER3"

ow i got lvl 162 ha i own the maker

i like the game it's really awesome

not bad

I quite liked it, although, the towers should be of something different, with Flame, Water, grass and air as an upgradable attribute, which would make it more fun.
Also add some more unlockable items.
Please make it harder, it was very simple.
I feel that, althought it's not the best tower defense game, people are being a little harsh giving 1 and 2's to it. Just make some minor improvements and you'll be fine :)

eh it was ok

poopie is poopie


uhm... to me, this is an insult to all td games. Why do the turrets always move and stuff? even the first wave is hard to do. 2/10. but does show room for improvement maybe in other games. good luck!


its ok but its just not there yet