Reviews for "rS Tower Defence VER3"


Its really an good Defence-Game, but i miss a Replay-Button. ;)

Maybe you can put one there. xD
Thanks. :D


i was going to complain that the graphics were crap, the enemies were boring etc. but somehow i got very addicted very quickly. so ten for keeping my attention for so long!! but maybe more lives would be better >.>

very good

very fun and addicting game but as im sure has been said before, it would be much better with sounds

not too good

dont know wtf the different towers do

dont know the range

dont know the different damge

no upgrade for storm

only 10 lives

no pause

twitching towers

i guess i give 4 since u have a 'skip to next round'


i couldn't stop playing it!when i first found this game,i was instantly hooked for almost a month...simple but awesome stuff.The downside though is that the strategy is kind of straight forward...build and upgrade green towers,d'oh!but later on,they're useless(the furthest i got was wave 74).Those 9000 dmg towers cost too much to upgrade,i never got to the second one upgrade...
i'd love to see an improved version though!