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Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 6"

Man you are my true GOD!

Man you are my GOD!Some day I want to reach your GLORY.The voises are almost perfectly matched :) .The atacks rules , and I didn't notice any bugs.I say agian you are my new GOD!

Not much humor

I love how you put the music for the fight with Eggman, what is it because it's awesome.


Awesome series, I didnt expect Tails to be strong like that but its cool, in all the other Sonic flash, Tails just die in the first scene...its getting boring. And Rootbear is right, the password really work but there is no music in the fight scene when you use the password.

Stone bashin' ( As Knuckles would say on SoncBat.

It was a very well thought out, well planned and well organized game.
I liked the fight between Tails and Robotnik, it made me think of all the times when I have seen Tails lose against Robotnik. Someone finally lets him win and for that I give this a 10/10 and a 5/5. ( Oh and thanks for bringing the Protect thing to my attention. I thought it only protected you for one turn.) But there is one problem though. I cannot get past the advise, ( I have only gotten past it once. Though it is probably my computers fault) But all in all this is the best interactive movie I have seen, ( or played) yet!!!

MidNightMaren responds:

Im glad you like it :D


cant believe how some ppl can just say that this is crap, i mean..
ITS AN RPG for christ sake if they were all easy they would just get pissed on, tbh 5/5 good bosses and movies
btw if theres a leveling system and new spell/atk learning tree's then you'd have a even better RPG oh yea, Keep up the good work!