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Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 6"

my god, shut up you whiny bastards. you want help.

metal sonic: cast Protect, then unload with the G.beam attack. cast Healer when you have half your health left. when you dont have enough points to use G.beam anymore, switch to using Triple Shot. when you cant use either anymore, start using Purple Vortex. remember, heal when you're down to half your health, because if this guys got almost no health left, he'll fly up to you and explode. with Protect cast, it does around 1600-1800 points of damage.

Dr.Robotnik(i refuse to call the fat bastard Eggman): this guy attacks twice before he charges his emerald cannon, and then he charges for 2 turns before he fire, the the process starts over.
start with Protect, then use your normal attack, then he'll start to charge. use Triple Shot for the 2 turns when the emerald is exposed(if you use G.beam, so help me i'll kick your ass). after he fires, regular attack once, then heal, and he'll start to charge again. once again, only use triple shot for the 2 turns. follow that pattern and you'll kick his over weight ass. Protect/attack/2 Triple Shots then for the rest of the fight attack/heal/2 Triple shots while charging attack/heal/2 Triple shots while charging ...it's not that hard once you figure it out.

MidNightMaren responds:

Other good strategy!

i lost 3 times in a row

the boss only had around 3000 left on him and i died, it's a good game, i just suck.

The very best!

Yay! Just when you think to yourself, episode 5 couldn't be topped....it happens, the only thing I think episode has on number 6, is the intro....trust me, the intro means a lot, so please make the other episodes, and make them have the very best introductions....seeing what you accomplished with episode 5..I know you can do it ^^

This is GREAT!

When is part 7 coming out?


that was one hell of a tough boss battle