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Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 6"

It Was Fantastic! But I need to be honest.

This game was really good. The music and sound was cool. The animation was amazing. And the action from the interactive battles was awesome. You done a really great job. So now your wondering what with the "need to be honest" part. Well the truth is I thought this was another flash movie that I was looking forward to.

You see I only watch it because I mistook it for another game. You knew what it was I may not watched it. Dough I doubt one vote would of made a difference. But know I am glad I saw and played it. And I will give your series a look. So hope your not to mad about that, because this really was great work.

Anyways enough of my feeling. Great Job and Looking Forward to All of the series and the rest of it.


Dude this is sweeeeet! I loved it i just cant beat Eggman i got him down to 1987 hp but then he killed me with he fire looking move. Any other wat it was awsome!


I beat the Eggman boss with 327hp, 8mana, and like no Ep left.

Goes to show you that Eggman isn't impossible. ^_^

I loved this game. You rock, kinda makes me sad about my own Flash Skills....

Keep up the great work man! Can't wait for the next one!

To the person below me...

Are you sure you put it in the area where the next scene comes AFTER the boss battle?


The boss was fustrating so i did the password and typed it in correctly(i checked 18 times) and i clicked on the next scene and it wouldn't work. WTF!!!