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Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 6"

I like Tails. Hes my fav character


This. was. awesome.
Seriously. It was hard, but the sprites were drawn out wonderfully, the voice acting was nice.
And for all the people having trouble with the boss, I'll put down a strategy guide.
Mecha Sonic: Nothing very hard. Just nail him with Purple Vortex and heal when necessary.
Eggman: This guy is difficult. Here's a way to beat him. Start nailing him with Purple Vortex, and heal when necessary. When the Master Emerald has been displayed, this is your chance to do some real damage. Use G. Beam only once. Then nail him with Purple Vortex. If your health is 1700 or below, I suggest healing. Seriously, his beam can really hurt. Now repeat this until your SP drops to 410. When it drops there, hit him with Triple Shot while he is not showing the Master Emerald only. When your MP drops to around 93, use it sparingly. Only use normal attacks that don't require MP. (if you have SP left, you can keep using triple shot) Now when the Emerald has been displayed, only use Purple Vortex (remember to heal if needed)
Repeat. If done correctly, you should win! :)

This is my favorite along with ep 8! Mecha Sonic is too easy,but the with Eggman is just perfect!Just love it,but i wish to see more of your drawn.Also i love tails and his voice!Who agrees with me thumbs up!!!

I never beat Eggman, after all these years, I'll try again tonight^^

MidNightMaren responds:

xD go on! You can do it!