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Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 6"

This episode is infamous for having a 'very difficult' Eggman, but it's not really that difficult, the problem was caused by misinformation about the Magic Skill: "Protect" which is recomended in the help guide.
"Protect" has a permanent effect so you only have to use it once to reduce the damages for the rest of the battle.
I tried to win without using it, and even with the best strategy is impossible.
Now back to the review; it's up to standard, keeps the changes made in eps 5, animations in the battles aren't that spectacular but in the following scenes are good, voice acting keeps getting better and gameplay has expanded, i like it.

A fan's review of Episode 6:

This episode is pretty good too. I thought the Eggman boss was the hardest in the series so far, but the combat was still neat. Not much to say, honestly. The sprites are neat, the voice acting became much better like in Episode 5, and I liked it a lot.

this is one of my favourite episodes in the series. This brings me nostalgia when i was 7,8 and 9. Thanks.

I recalled playing this. Giant Eggman mech was srsly hard. XD

what theme is that when you battle eggman