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Reviews for "Metallica - Holier Than Thou"


this isnt an insut to metallica, as one guy said. this is a pretty good tribute. your very good. im going to download it, its that good! i like it alot, not just because i like metallica alot. make another.


u did a great job

Well made

Although I've never liked synth guitars, I've used them before and I know that it's a pain in the arse to cover another bands song, get the drums right etc... So I think you did a pretty good job dude!

Holier than thouuuugh. YOU ARE!

JUDGE NOT! Lest ye be judged yourself!
Awesome remix! Sounded a lot like the original.
I'm not sure how well the piano fitted in but it made it differ from the original so it was good.

It’s ok