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Reviews for "Sogoban"

My poor brain...

Awesome game. I've played a lot of these type of games and this really gets you thinking. The music also was pretty good. Keep it up.

Nice game ^^

Lv5 isnĀ“t that bad XD
Even if it tookthe most time to be solved, i played up to lv18 ^^ (which was my last . . . right now im not getting this one solved ><)

The most of the levels are far to easy, there shut be some more challenging ones like lv5 ^^

Cool - But Level 5!

Can anyone help me with level 5?


This is the first amazing game that I see in the flash portal :P.

Excellent job there, the sound is very good, the graphics are amazing and all its extras make it an even more interesting gamed to play. Congratulations!

Well made, but really hard!

It was Really fun and challenging, but can anybody get passed level 5? That just seems impossible!