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Reviews for "Tumor Flash 2"

fucking funny man SOOOO RANDOM

DUUUUUUUUDE ...... lol its sooo random man its great nice work


Lol, I spent that whole flash thinking of that fat lady scene. I knew she was going to eat him, I knew it! Lol. Great flash

= is good
- is bad

=Graphics were pretty goodl, flowed well with the flash itself.

=Very, very funny. A great, pretty origonal flash.

=Sound was very coherent and easy to hear.

=Little violence but just enough to make this flash great.

-Not so much interactivity. You had your Play and Replay buttons though, so that's good.

=VERY funny. I can't stress enough how humerous that was!




wow, this is pretty stupid, lol, but i like it.

this is better then tumor flash one.

make another one please!!!!!!

here is your cookie
(tosses cookie)

That was so funny!


Your fat!

DUDE, this was awsome, 5th time watching it and i still love, Dood, your soo black.... I must lick you!
your fat.... -WHINE_
that was the best, was laughing from beginning to end.
Keep pumping these out, and i was wondering, how do you think this stuff up?