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Reviews for "LL - I'm Bored."


That was hillarious. "Is that all you got"? Dead.

MasterLock responds:



I like the melting effect. And the DBZ style action. :D

MasterLock responds:

Energy ball attack, bitch!

5'd and Collection

ya 5 fo me I 5 fo yu!

The actual melting was pretty good, you will get a good place in Bi-Weekly.

MasterLock responds:

Thank you :]


Al though I am a clock, I don;t mind locks :). The graphics were good, above average. The only thing that needed improving was...NOTHING! hahahahaa... The style, it was original, good stuff. The sound, it was good but you could have used better background music and clearer lock voices. V iolence, when the magic kicks in, that was poretty awesome. Interactivity, the play and replay buttons, the the end thing weas a bit shaky. Humor, sheer boredom is funny,


MasterLock responds:

Thanks, I'm also somewhat a Clock, I've just been inactive for like a year, so I guess I'm still a clockfriend. I plan on making a Clock Day movie though.


^^Good Points^^
I quite like this movie! I will surely note it to be added to the Lock Legion page, since it is very well made. The graphics are pretty wonderful. You put a lot of subtle details into your work that really make it that much better. I found the script to be pretty humorous, and the melting part at the end was pretty humorous as well...hell the whole movie was funny! Superb job!

^^Needs Improving^^
Having the melting in the preloader kind of gave away what you were going to do at the end.

MasterLock responds:

Yeah, but I had nothing better to put there, and I was eager to submit it. Thanks for the good review.