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Reviews for "MengoMango"

Very well done!

The graphics are awesome and the animation is very smooth, a very cool movie dude keep it up!

keicho responds:

LOL! funny nickname XD
just think about the only substance that your ass could produce XD


this is probrly the best i have seen for along time

Grafhics: a 9 brillent graphics, but the gorrilas movement at the start is not pervect like the rest of your animation

Style: 10, one of the best ideas ive ever seen

Sound: this must of had the greatest battle music ever

Violence: 10, not to much gore but yet satisfying perfect balance of violence

Interactivity: its a movie so you cant real judge, i gave you 1 for the menu

Humor: love the pimp idea and the bit when he put on the wrong music was lmao funny

Overall: got to be a 10 if i could go higher i would good job and i... hope to se it on the number 1 spot.


That was great, definatly worth the long load. I havent seen anything so good in a long time. I think you should make another one.


Graphics - it was very detailed... at first when i saw the coconut buster... i thought "omg... he's gonna tease wipeout" & started laughing when it turned away from that well done - 10

Style - it was very styled... i'm sure that there will be more stuff like that - 10

Sound - damn right thats the worlds s***est song lol - 10

Violence - chest, ears, falling to bits... very gud lol... the rabbit is a smoker x] - 10

Interactivity - the interactivity was poor... but u covered it up with a great toon - 3

Humor - do i need a reason x]... well yes lol... it was random... - 10

& btw... chimps do have tails lol...

keicho responds:

there are some species that do have tails. Diddy Kong is a chimp and has a tail :P
and yeah, that rabbit is a badass lol first review to notice him XD.

muy buen flash

tienes mucho talento y esa musika estaba muy buena... (al principio m sonaba komo la de dreamtheater) jaja muy buen humor pa kuando esta la kontinuaciĆ³n?

keicho responds:

pues la continuacion quien sabe... ya mismo termina el verano y entro a clases :/ pero igual estoy ahorita trabajando en una secuela, muy interesante. Grax por el review =D