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Reviews for "MengoMango"


there is just something about bananas if i had ur talent...

My good fellow...

Kleber, you really did outscore yourself. It truly was a surprise when I saw this on the frontpage. Man, it's a good thing that you didn't show it on MSN/ Sheezy, it would've spoiled everything. Good job, you will become very popular one day.

keicho responds:

thanks buddy

part of the 30% here ;)

i'll admit, the begining sense of humor wasn't
as appealing as the latter half...i mean, where
in the hell did those space ships come from? that
was the surprise moment that had me crack up.
animation was fast paced and the fighting scenes
were fluid in motion and inventive, while being
sparced with light humor here and there. i only
wish i could see more of my favourite simians
here, though i guess what the sequel might be for.
a battle royal of gorilla vs. chimpanzee vs. spider
vs. orangutan. btw, look forward to more works!
score: ***


Is it sad that I laugh the hardest at the very end when the bird falls out of the tree? xDDDDD Though the rest makes me laugh too


Great man, great! I loved the humor. And really incredibly good made effects within the graphics. Good job keicho! Thumps up.