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Reviews for "MengoMango"

monkies are funny.

Dispite the illiterate views of whomever had said 'it was aight', I would say this was far more than 'Alright' (Why the fuck can't people be bothered to use real English anymore? The non English speaking submitters do better with the language! Honestly...

Everyone loves monkeys, bro. Everyone. I'd ask for a sequal, but let's not rehash over old news, make something new and original! Not saying this isn't, but I know you have it in you for more! ROCK ON!

keicho responds:

Thanks for the support and nice review. As I said:

Mengo Mango will be back.

it was aight

pretty good graphics and style


more...its FREAKIN awesome...make more -.-


I think there were definatly both good and bad parts to this. I thought the style and characters were very original and interesting, but the sound was driving me crazy, I just couldnt stand it.
I did love when the ape's ears bled, that made my day, so good job on that.

Great Flash!

So many funny parts, I.E in the end, he throws the radio by the ape.. Heh.. Very good.