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Reviews for "MengoMango"

A rerhnarkably well done flash animation

I'm somewhat amazed that this flash only managed to capture 6th place for the week. The animation is fast-paced (the hand drawn style looks wonderful), and it's simply oozing with style. As far as improvements go, perhaps focusing on creating gradients in shading instead of using several tones of color could be a positive contribution to your work, and i can't help but notice some odd charcter design (Is the gorrilas ship *supposed* to be so phallic, or is that unintentional?), and perhaps refining the design of the core charcters (It looks like you've put about as much effort into their design as all of the throw away charcters. Not a complaint, per se, just a direction), all adds up to an impressive flash movie that rises above the action/anime cliches it skillfully avoids.


That is nuts and a half!!! Awesome!

WHAT??? lol!

Dude that was so fricking awesome! Loved all of it!

Nice work!

Definately make more Mengo Mango. This is one weeeird movie. Keep up the good work!

Awsome fight scene man, always lookin for those

Dope fight scene, i dint know what was up with those space ships but it turned out awsome