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Reviews for "MengoMango"

it was good.

it wad good animation. and it was good.

p.s. member when you did a author response for the SBC plays pac-man cartoon? you said that i was gay just because i thought some of the voices were cute? guess what, im not gay! so please ease of ok? i just thought it was cute. just because i thought some voices were cute does not mean im gay! god!!

keicho responds:

ok sorry if I was mean :P but remember my friend, never tell a man's voice is cute if you are a man. Thanks for the review anyway and sorry bout that hehe.

That was awesome in a silly way.

First of all that was some damn good animation right there and with a small monkey and a big gorrila fighting that was too funny especially with the songs and spaceship fighting (nice 3D touches on that part),excellent job.


ROFL!! Damn i loved when the craig davids started playing, the title on the boombox, thingy... *Dies laugh*

Great Flash, Thumbs up!!

good one

that was a pretty good animation. i really liked the graphics in this one, they were quite good. the audio really suited this one and made it that much more enjoyable and the overall plot/theme to it was quite original and very entertaining. real glad to see this one win an award too.... it sure deserved one.


that was sweet i loved the music and the idea was cool oh ya and i like the 3d part and the fact its monkeys only makes it better