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Reviews for "MengoMango"


It couldn't hold my interest. But don't worry, I have a short attention span.

Look! A squirrel!


i love the jungle and animals 2 good flash makes me wanna go back to flash . and create tnx.

Big file but good flash

I thought the file was getting big, but the flash was good, and very entertaining, so nice work there, Loading time was sligtly long, maybe you should look for areas to cut the film so that its not so big in size, most of the time its in the music, or in the intense graphics, by cutting just abit here and there you would be amazed at how much you can make it shorter and much faster down loading time for everyone. anyways nice flash work.

Entertaining flash.


liquid sweetness

every time i watch this thing, it gets better. i love the action shots and the way you've simulated the camera rotations! looking forward to seeing more of your stuff in the future.

keicho responds:

ha thanks Matt!

Loved it

People just don't realize that Sh*t like this happens everyday.

) if you like monkeys,metal or machines...This is the video for you.