Reviews for "Not Another SpriteMovie 2"


Out of all the movies today you have made me feel better about newgrounds i thought they were falling but i can tell you worked hard and put lotsa effort into this keep the good work going!

great movie dude

dude, awesome movie, i really think it's cool how you put so much action into a sprite movie? the only sprite movies ever are comedy's and you changed all that, good for you. great sprite animation to.

CheveLoco responds:

thanx...you can check out Hunter Zero if you like more action than comedy

Quick review and quick question

Not bad, it was pretty interesting. Better than a lot of the crappy sprite movies that get blammed daily. Had a decent soundtrack. It just seemed to be a bit similar in plot to all the others. Sonic and Mario working with Kirby and characters from SNES games, etc...

What's the name of the track from the part at the start when Goku/Gohan turns up infront of Cell, Freiza and Majin Buu? I've heard it in a lot of DBZ flash movies.

CheveLoco responds:

Well that was the whole point of the movie(like the first one) to show all the stuff we're all tired about when we watch a sprite movie...and more importantly..how there seems to be always movies about Megaman or Mario and the usual Sonic vs Mario Fight..

that song, it's the original one from the DBZ intro...

Wow That was great.

Im not a huge fan of flash movies but this is an exception this had humor, action, and was a perfect balance of animating and sprite. Ill dock you for sound because it was off near the end like you said. Great Jon.

Very funny and very entertaining!

This is a classic sprite movie! Keep it up!

And you used a lot of my favorite characters from my favorite older games to do this. I just loved this!