Reviews for "Not Another SpriteMovie 2"

Good job.

Really enjoyable, and nice use of afronova :)

ha ha!! that was funny!!

that was good! speccily i liked the end...X entered the NG portal!!! dammoit that was funny...X will probebly return to his own flsh now and wo'nt get into matios' world...


This wasn't bad. I think the one is better though. Keep up the good work.

This is amzing

This is really good it has everything it really needs humor violence and the other stuff i dont got much more to say expet you rock.keep up the good work

Better than the first one :)

In the loading scene, the link to Latingrounds goes to latingrounds.tk

Our domain is latingrounds.org :)

In the same scene, the logo of RigoFlash does nothing. So, after you click it, it does nothing.

I really loved it!

The animation had fluency and I loved the way you mixed 32bits sprites, 16 bits sprites, 8 bits sprites and even hand made characters and backgrounds :)

Sometimes (Almost at the end) Mario doesn't make the 'annoying' sound he use to do everytime he talks. Maybe you forgot to add it.

I'd love to see another of these, but if you said 'no third one' well... I'll be waiting for your next movie.

Keep up the good work!


CheveLoco responds:

fixed ;)