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Reviews for "World cup soccer!"

Absolutely horrible

it is horrible, but i agree with ishnock, if you put some more effort into it, and taking out the glitches it would be a lot better.

IS it stuff

what are the Codes


lol when you guy at your net has the ball run into you net it will give the other team points


Did you have anyone beta test this game before you released it?

The final score was 18-1 in favor of me. I had one player score every single goal. I'm sorry, but something is very wrong with the game if its THAT easy. The opposing goalie moves slower then a snail, the opposing players are horrendous at keeping the ball and WAY too slow on defense, and the other team only scores if you fuck up big time.

It needs some serious tweaking. Perhaps add difficulty settings to make things more challenging. Add more teams to choose from. Make it so you can do more moves with the ball. Get better music. Then you might have a very fun game.

too easy

it was too easy. You were faster and after 3 min i was in the lead wih 7-0. And there was no throw ins or cornerkicks. i have played other games of rustyarcade wich is much better. BAD EFFORT!