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Reviews for "World cup soccer!"


Hahaha nice game, really good !!! Love the newgrounds team ;)


This game was pretty cool but its a little buggy.
example: If u take the ball and run into the opponent goal it will keep scoring

Not bad.

Now all it needs is a headbutt ;)

Rustygames responds:

*cough* Zindane *cough*
That was disgraceful of him

Pretty Good, Actually


The music was pretty good in this game, and the graphicsa dns tyle were pretty good, too. The Newground steam was interesting ( :p), and you had plenty of teams. There was some interactivity, too.


Maybe have different attributes for the teams. For example, stats in speed, strength, accuracy, ball handling, etc. Also, maybe you can build you rown custom team from players... oh, and the players seem to run a little slowly, and does it randomly pick a player if someone on the otehr team has the ball?


were is portugal???

portugal got preety far so i really think they should also be in but other wise it was good nice job