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Reviews for "World cup soccer!"

wasn't much

---- We can run outside the screen.

----- Too slow

--- I felt it lasted too long. Options would be nice.

++ There's a lot working here, so well done on that, I suppose.

I know that a football game would be a terribly hard thing to do, so well done on what you managed.

But it just wasn't much fun.

i didnt notice any glitches but

easyeist game i ever played in my life should make opponets more aggreasive and better coordinated so easy to win

Can score your own goals

As the goalie you can somehow knock the ball into your own net!
The music is also unfitting.

So Much Missed Potential

Scoring: If you give up a goal, a point will be added for each millisecond you move while "Goal" is flashing on the screen. Just a couple minutes into my second game, I was down 379-4.

Auto-Switch: Although this isn't the first game to auto-switch your player to the one closest to the ball, there was no way this was indicated on screen. This sucked when the opponent took a shot, as my control would suddenly jump from a defender to a different defender to the goalie in about a half second.

Exploitable AI: It's extremely easy to steal the ball as they're bringing it upfield off the kickoff, which leads to an unstoppable goal for you.

Borders? What borders?: Any kick going off the top sideline will bounce back, but any ball going off the bottom sideline will fly into the yellow info bar and bounce off the bottom. Which is a moot point anyways, since you can run completely off the top and bottom of the screen, as far as you'd like.

There's a fun game in here somewhere, but it's buried in too many game-breaking bugs.

as said before..

the fact that if youre goalie is too far back the score just keeps going up is extremely annoying.. and there really isnt any thing here to make up for that..