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Reviews for "World cup soccer!"

So Much Missed Potential

Scoring: If you give up a goal, a point will be added for each millisecond you move while "Goal" is flashing on the screen. Just a couple minutes into my second game, I was down 379-4.

Auto-Switch: Although this isn't the first game to auto-switch your player to the one closest to the ball, there was no way this was indicated on screen. This sucked when the opponent took a shot, as my control would suddenly jump from a defender to a different defender to the goalie in about a half second.

Exploitable AI: It's extremely easy to steal the ball as they're bringing it upfield off the kickoff, which leads to an unstoppable goal for you.

Borders? What borders?: Any kick going off the top sideline will bounce back, but any ball going off the bottom sideline will fly into the yellow info bar and bounce off the bottom. Which is a moot point anyways, since you can run completely off the top and bottom of the screen, as far as you'd like.

There's a fun game in here somewhere, but it's buried in too many game-breaking bugs.

could have been adjusted

Well, i think that its only 1 lvl and if u scored like 6-0 and they got a score their score will be the double of yours!!!!!


I found it hard to tell who you were going to pass to, and what player you were controlling at what time. I'm sorry, but over all it wasn't a very good game. I think that in order to make the game less confusing you should add pointer button to be able to pass to people, or something along those lines.

Could of been better

At first the game looked like it would of been pretty good. But after 5 minutes or so of playing I really noticed it's mediocracy. While the visuals weren't amazing none of it's faults came from that, it was all in the gameplay.

First off, the AI is difficult. Not in an enjoyable way, but more of a perfect opponent sort of way. There is no faults, they don't muck up. You can never score a lucky goal on their failures. This plays a big part to soccer and should of been including in this game. AI faults.

I would of liked a marker to indicate which character I was controlling. There was also no way to change which character I was in control of, which made goalkeeping a desperate last second reach, which usually didn't work.

The scoring was a little odd. It's soccer, you only need 1 point per goal scored. After 2 goals from my opponent they were on a score of 7, which confused me.

All in all, this could of been fun and addictive, but a selection of little faults just outweighed my enjoyment.

Could be a lot better

If the player you were controlling at any given time was indicated somehow, it would be less confusing. Also, the music is not fitting at all.