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Reviews for "World cup soccer!"

Not bad.

Now all it needs is a headbutt ;)

Rustygames responds:

*cough* Zindane *cough*
That was disgraceful of him


This game was pretty cool but its a little buggy.
example: If u take the ball and run into the opponent goal it will keep scoring

I thought it was really fun.=)

I had a fun time playing it. The final score for NEwgrounds VS Germany was 14:0... I think you coulda made it a bit harder=P

great game

It was a great game, with a total original idea for flash games (specially the NG team). I would ass these things

1) "real" football rules: when someone goals, it starts from the center, you can do corner and the ball goes out, etc

2) Better AI. The computer was really stupid

3) Real players: if you could, I dunno, put the real name of the realplayers, it would really make this flash very cool, and probably frontpaged

4) A voice saying what are dong. Its not so difficult as it seems. You could just download some things like people saying "goal!" and playing that sound when someone does a goal, or even the name of the players!

5) "World cup", that will mean more teams and real clasifications.

But overall was a great game, and if the world cup would havent finished yet, I will be saying "Argentina, Argentina", but who knows?

kool but...

wheres mexico at! i couldent as mexico! great game by the way be better wid mexico...