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Reviews for "World cup soccer!"

This is an okay game

A few criticisms:

-players are too slow
-too easy to score goals


P.S. I cannot rate you for sound because my speakers aren't working for some unknown reason.


the players are agonisingly slow, the tune loops become quite irritating and the matches are FFFAAARRRR too long... also, if i wanted to i could win 50-0 because of a glitch that means when you stand in a certain area facing a certain direction you ALWAYS Score!. other wise... good job

Nice one

At last there is a football game on newgrounds if there are others then sorry this is the first one I have seen and I noticed you had all the top teams on there even "England" yes I believe that AshtonNextGen said that there was no England well there was incase you didnt notice the england flag in the middle its white with a red cross in the middle of it they use st groges (proberly spelt it wrong ) flag in the world cup and Union jack for their other things


That's just plain good. In every sense. I'm not sure what more to say... I don't have any suggestions... I would like to say, though, that the NG team was HILARIOUS...

Man that game was gnarly!

But it was REALLY slow though! And what kinda football game doen't have england in it!?! Oh well, at least you made a special newgrounds team to make up for it I guess, Keep up the good work!