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Reviews for "World cup soccer!"

Horrible.. horrible...

The music was O.K. The sprites you made were O.K.

Well not really. The sprites were like gliding across the ground, nodding their heads. I'm playing as we speak, and somehow my goalie disappeared behind the net. The players are now jogging in place, the ball is nowhere to be found, and it is constantly adding to the opponent's score. Right now it's like 1000-1 where 1000 is his score. WTF?

This game...............

this game was just horrible somehow they made 606 goals on me wtf and my goalie WENT OFF SCREEN and he didn't come back...................this game has way 2 many glitches

character can just go right out of the map, wtf?

very.v.v.v.v. bad. my goalkeeper just wlaked straight out of the game screen when im controling him and pressing right, then again, you dont evenknow which character you are controlling, and it even conts as a goal when my goalkeeper walked in from outside the screen through the goal posts (from outside the field to inside the field) with the ball after the opp kicked the ball out, yeah, improve on that

the uva team scored 3 but it came up wiv 62 wtf?!?

a pice of crap, dont play it the, the ball takes lyk a year 2 move and theres loads of stoopid glitches, lyk sumhow they scored 62???

Too easy...

I hit over 12 goals before I got to the 5000 mark on time. Oh well, slower game, but fun until you figure the AI out. Good job.