Reviews for "The Birds and the Bees"

Hahaha, wtf

This is excellant! I love your style of work, it's that non'scholant good yet sort of sloppy fits right in with everything kind of style.

Anyway, this is great. Very funny, I wasn't really expecting funny, but funny is very good. Great job!

Makes me want to buy a Volvo.

Great work. That song is still kinda weird.

Keep on teh good work.


This is Great. It was... odly... heart warming.

and the tune was catchy too!

tha graphics were smooth. the humer in the animation was good.

All around a very well developed and presented piece.

Keep up the good work.



So that's what"The Birds&The Bees"is really about?...My parents were waaaaaaaay off! :)


Man, this is trippy at times, but VERY good!

(and why isnt this in the music video section?)