Reviews for "The Birds and the Bees"


I love it! You did a great job creating images that represent that song. I liked the animation, and I really like your style. I liked how you payed attention to detail, like you always had action going on in the foreground and background. It's a great flash! Good luck with many more. :)

very pleasing.

Good stuff! You've got the talent and the award for it. Now hit the festivals, that's where you pick up the cash prizes.

da burds n da beez

hmmph. looks like another toon of yours i forgot to review :( another wonderful movie, had me singing the song for hours after watching it. glad i got a sneak peek before it was finished, always makes me appreciate it more :) so upbeat and happy, and i'm sure SBC would love the flying B's i also really like this walk look, very smooth. and the tootsiepop refrence was pretty good too :P i wish i got to make my various bees and birds though :( this cartoon is so swell. its a masterpiece of colors and happyness. it fills me with glee, good work :)

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

hip hip hip hip hip o


That was awesome

Very good!

It was very good, but I suggest you work on the sound a little! Keep up teh very good work!