Reviews for "The Birds and the Bees"

This was cute

That was highly enjoyable. The part when the bee was making faces at the bird was pretty funny. Again, very cute.

That was the best

It made me forget how much I'm afraid of ducks and how painful bee stings are. I loved the music and the way the graphics were put in was really neat too.

It was good

but it was not the best flash I had ever seen, like the guy before me says..
I have to say that you did a great shot, the music matches perfectly with the animation and it's a catchy song. I like it.

Probaly the best made flash I seen in some time.

Summary says it all.

Holy cow

recipie for instant favorite flash animation:
1 cup water
1 time watching The Birds And The Bees
and 1 awesome time

great job!