Reviews for "Shooting People For Fun 2"

Excelent ! ! !

You are a god , man , this one was really good .
I'll be like you .
Thank you !

*SIGH* Thats just what i needed!

Jesus God Man!,That was one of the best.I hope next time if he makes one he should use some sort of shotgun!,Preferibaly a 4 barrel shotgun!.Like Phantasm.Anyway's i loved this one....One of the best ive seen!.


I watch this film daily just to make sure I get my daily dose of kick ass shoot em up movie. Not only does the "hero" kill 35 people, he skipped lunch to do it. Now that's a man who's proud of his work.



So How Was Lunch

dude... Loved the ending
you are.. the master *bows*