Reviews for "Animation Tutorial 6"

All my respect are belong to this (and a 5)

Simply great. Im not composing yet but this will certainly help me when I start sometime. I think its important that a tutorial looks professional like yours does. Also that it is entertaining so you lose interesst in it along the way.

I was missing some sound. Maybe it was at my end. Not that important anyway because I'm reading.

I have looked at countless really bad flashes lately. I hope that better tutorials = better flashes generally. It saves me the trouble of having to blam about 50 a day. But I think this will actually be put to use.

Good work *thumbs up* ;-)

cool man

that a good tutorial. it looks good. the music is great.
and it can show you stuf.
what more can anyone ask from a tutorial?


Dude i love your tutorials! A+++

love your tutorials!

man i have saw all of your tutorial and must say i DO feel smarter but im sad because... i goed to the flash download site and the page was kind of broke, cuz i registered to download the flash but when i sing in it redirected me to that same place... hope they repair it soon...

5/5 10/10


how do u make a game? i wana make one with a stickman...im good at animating stickmen...i am a good artist im just to lazy to stay at an animation for like a month...so yes i wana make a...platform/adventure type of game...got any tips?