Reviews for "Animation Tutorial 6"

really great,

i have to say, this was a terrific idea, thank you for thinking of it and well........ making it!!!

awsome job man!!

that was a great tut it tought the basics of is movie making evry goood i hope this gets on the site.

just what newgrounds needs

i like to see these kind of things on newgrounds... it gives me hope for the future. Here's hoping that people take these kinda things into account instead of ripping off a bunch of sprites, pictures off the internet and stickmen... ppl go on this site hoping to see animations made with some form of effort

EXCELLENT tutorial!

So many animation tutorials here are merely a basic explanation on how to use the tweening command.
This is THE best animating tutorial I've ever seen.
I hope you do more of these. They're clear, to the point, and efficient.

you are the chosen one

you are extremaly smart thank you so much!