Reviews for "Animation Tutorial 6"

nice tutorial

i love the walking frame by frame robot

I draw a lot and this is good

This helped me and now I will download the flash software. I have millions of sketches that I made into comics of a character called The Dark Samurai. So in your last couple of tutorials the one with the basketball moving will help me get the hang of the sword slashing (I put LOTS of blood and violence in this... and one with drugs). Now I can make a flash movie about the character after reading your tutorials. I think It will take a couple of years. REALLY. So anyways (getting all that pushed away) this is great and helpful. Look forward to my produtcion after this couplke of years. Or not.

Easy, simple and educational

Well i think this is great... Its simple, easy to follow... It deserves 10/10 and 5/5..
It also made me laugh when u said about "no robots were harmed during this tutorial" lol..

I bought the book

lol i bougth that animation book as you said ;)
i hope it is as good as you said:p
anyway nice tutorial.

well done

I love the examples.