Reviews for "Animation Tutorial 6"


This rocks, it explains so much! thanks a lot!

Very good !

Short but efficient tutorial.
I want just to precise that "The Animator's Survival Kit" (by Richard Williams), that I own, is a very complete book for those who want to go further.



wow Easy tutorial!

Best i seen thx man!

Very helpful, I will say one thing though:

Your tutorials break things down just enough so they are easy to follow, and although I have no Flash to my name yet I'm finding your tutorials VERY helpful, so thank you very much!
The only thing is, when you make an example movie clip, you often say "I know it's not the best..." or something like that. Don't put your work down like that, man, because it's too good! I had a music teacher like that who used to say "I'm not very good but..." and then would play a piece with a few mistakes but it still sounded awesome to us musical newbies. I know you're stressing a point about things don't have to be 100% neat all the time, but be careful or it can get discouraging for you and your students.
Apart from that, thanks for making these! They're really helpful! x