Reviews for "Animation Tutorial 6"


This was realy helpfull man. Make one about inventing characters.


how do u make a game? i wana make one with a stickman...im good at animating stickmen...i am a good artist im just to lazy to stay at an animation for like a month...so yes i wana make a...platform/adventure type of game...got any tips?


now i know what to do if my animation is crapy

sit on the toilet and read comic books XD


this is so helpful man!!!!!!thanks so much!

sweet and all....

this showed me many techniques!!....i was looking for a tut to show me the manikin to refing to perfection!!....you showed me that!!!...thnks but i realy like the rest aswell.....but if you r ever going to make another tut i highly recommend you using voice, that surprisingly helps the reader or viewer lol!! but very nice indeed!!..... >.0