Reviews for "Animation Tutorial 6"


Man I needed help making my drawings look better in flash @___@ This helped! Thanks a lot for the tips. :D

I love you

See... i'm not a new user of flash, I know for 3 years now, even though, for some reason, there were some problems I aways had while animating, and could never find out how to solve it. You solve it for me :D:D
AWAYS wanted to know how make the hand follow the arm movement on tween... the centered points thing... i've aways used fbf because of that..
the other thing is the AnimeSlider... I tried many times to create a scripted symbol that do that... thanks to show me the way sir!!!!

JackSmack responds:

You are very welcome! I worked hard on this tutorial to make it so jammed full of usable info that anyone can use it.

I'm glad that people are liking my work.


i like it nice tutorial i can till you put alot of tiem in it

P.S. i like mythbusters to (so the myth that you cant draw witout a drawing tablet is busted)

i need flash now...

ive been wondering how things work on flash for a while and now i know.... thank u.......... all i need now is flash........ but i dont have 700 bucks laying around... =\

cheaper than a book

Now I only need Flash... and... more knowledge and... everything else, to become more than a bloody beginner. The only thing, I can do now is the ability to draw. Maybe I should bark at the door of a big entertainment Studio.

No, it is really great, even I understood it. If anything does not interrest me here, it is the Sound.