Reviews for "Animation Tutorial 6"

i like him

i had used the things that you have done

Brilliant tutorial

That was really great. I enjoyed that and got something out of it. I know my way around Flash, and I'm al alrite animator (without sounding too big headed), but I still got a lot out of that. Thanks, and well done. Great flash.

Great Tutorial

your six tutorials have really got me going though i havnt posted any flash yet... im waiting until i make a really good one... but the only thing is... I SUCK ONIONS when i draw on my comp... and hell I HAVE A TABLET... and i still suck with that :P, though not as much... hte only thing is I'm a mediocre artist on paper... when i go to the computer screen... all i cando is... grab an onion and suck it


I really enjoyed this. It helped me realize a lot more about how important is simplicity in FbF animation. Thanks a bunch for making this, hun <3

It gave me a hint...

This tutorial is great and gave me a hint: I WILL NEVER ANIMATE :P i can't draw and don't have the patience for this :P GREAT STUFF nevertheless - I recommend to everyone!