Reviews for "Animation Tutorial 6"


your tuts really help us newbs here at ng...
i really want to thank you...


Hi I not long ago started using flash and all your tutorials have been very useful and easy to understand thanks they really help out alot for beginners

Great tutorial, but layout needs some work.

I was reading through this and realized it wasnt the one i needed but watched it anyway.

I think i need my information delivered a little quicker if you know what i mean - It was too slow paced and needs some excitement!


Awesome!!!I really like the first part where you explain how to pracrice drawing and go to the mall.....it helped me a lot!Otherwise,I like your explanations and your little animation that help!!!Great JOb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much.

I have taken this tutorial for the 7th time now, I took your advice into consideration. I have filled up a bunch of sketchbooks, and I think I got the feel. If it wasn't for this tutorial, I would have never learnt fbf properly. Thank you so much.