Reviews for "Animation Tutorial 6"


Ive watched every tut youve made so far and decided to only comment on the last as a really cant be bothered commenting them all :P... so what cani say? by far the best series of tutorials ive seen, im going to make a short flash baced on your tuts, ive made and submitted some before but theyve all been blammed, ill now go off and practice your techniques and soon ill submit a flash for you all :) thanks!


I've read every tut on this website to get ready for making my first flash, (i wanna try get 1st page!) and i learned the most from yours! You show complex animation techniques simply and helped me ALOT!

you are the chosen one

you are extremaly smart thank you so much!

awesome. how do you

great tutorial really helped.

by the way how do you make tweeked altered pivot points. i only know how to move the pivot points, but how do you make them stay connected like the part where it says "tweeked altered pivot points"


If tutorial sets had cocks...this set's would be huge.
You've helped me out alot man, thanks.