Reviews for "Goal In One"

Fun mini-golf type game

One thing for people who can't get to high places-Just shoot when in mid-air. Somehow this work=p.

Mini-Football game

I had to review this game it's so cool!!!!

It's very fun to play and easy too.



Quirky soccer-golf game. The controls could have been eaiser but pveraqll a good game!

Its a okay game.

Good game, i didn't realy like the gravity however... a bit too strong for me, but it works out okay i guess.
And for anyone drooling over 100$, make your own game and you'll get a few hundred $$$ from armor games, they have loads of ads, you know ;).

Grapics - 7
Not great, not bad either.

Style - 7
Nice minigolf game, the gravity was a bit strong for my taste though.

Sound - 6
Basic soundloop and some special effects, it was "okay".

Violence - 0

Interactivity - 7
A varity of stages and lots of objects in your way keeping your from getting your hole-in-one, this game gives a nice challange.

Humor - 0

Great Stuff

I normally suck at playing games. This one is very easy and fun to play.

I won't be able to get the secret code though.